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MULTISEAL - sealing liquid

MULTISEAL - sealing liquid

MULTISEAL - the easy and clean way to seal hidden leaks.

Product description

MULTISEAL a liquid sealant which is added directly to the water in a closed heating system for sealing off hidden leaks.

MULTISEAL is available in different product varieties attuned to the environment where a leak has to be sealed.

MULTISEAL can be used in connection with district heating systems, all heating systems with heaters with oil burner or fuel boilers, floor heating systems, drain and sewer systems.

MULTISEAL is also available for drinking water installation, gas installations, solar installations and pool systems.

Technical properties

MULTISEAL sealing system are based on dispersed crystalline minerals.

MULTISEAL is pumped into the heating system and leaks are sealed here in a few days "by itself" through sediments of silicate left on the edge of the leakage. It is therefore not necessary to know exactly where any leakage is to seal it with MULTISEAL.

MULTISEAL simply has to circulate in the system in the right concentration for a few days in a loop (heating-system) or a constant pressure of 5-7 bar may be established (drinking water systems) and within a few days the leak will be sealed - the period of the sealing process depends on the leak size and temperature of the evironment.
Utilizing MULTISEAL for drinking water, the sealing methode is slightly different as indicated because this product is used undiluted and has to be pumped directly into the leaky drinking water string and kept under pressure there for a while to establish the seal.

MULTISEAL also exists in an apporoved GAS-version but when sealing gas systems the sealing process is a little more laborious, and we will not go into a full discription here.

Utilizing MULTISEAL for pool systems it is not necessary to establish neither pressure nor circuits - the product is simply poured in the pool water in the right concentration.

MULTISEAL also excists in a special version for sevage systems, but this is a two component system which also involves a hardener and again we will not go into a full discription here.


Rinse the heating system using MULTISEAL cleaning fluid (only needed by older instalations). MULTISEAL is pumped into a loop directly into the heating installation (or drinking water installation) either concentrated or diluted until the desired pH value in the circuit is achieved according to product and type of installation. Either a loop or a constant pressure of 5-7 bar may then be established and within a few days the leak will be sealed - the period of the sealing process depends on the leak size and temperature of the evironment. When the leak is sealed, the system may be rinsed with pure clean water and the sealing process is completed. Alternatively MULTISEAL may be kept in the system water at the right concentration (not possible in district heating systems). When sealing gas systems and sewage systems the sealing process is a little more laborious.


By skin contact wash off skin with plenty of soap and water. Wear safety goggles when working with MULTISEAL! By eye contact away rinse immediately with plenty of water. Spills on clothing are removed easily at normal temperature machine wash. NOTE! To avoid falls and silicate sediments any spill of MULTISEAL has to be washed of immeditaly.


Heating (floor heating / heating)

MULTISEAL 24, MULTISEAL Special, MULTISEAL TD, MULTISEAL TDS: Liquid sealing for heating systems with fluid loss from 30L up to more than 1000L per 24 hours.

MULTISEAL 30E: Liquid sealing for heating systems with gas boilers with fluid loss of up to 30L per 24 hours. Espicially well suited for press fittings.

Drinking water (drinking water approved

MULTISEAL 84L, MULTISEAL 84, MULTISEAL 84S: Liquid Sealing for domestic and drinkingwater installations. Suitable at corrosion in copper tubes. Also suitable for tubes of stainless steel, galvanized pipes and plastic tubes.Fluid loss from 10L up to 400L per 24 hours.

Sewer & Drain (drains indoor / sewer sealing)

MULTISEAL Kloak (Sewer): Liquid sealant and MULTISEAL HC60 (activator for MULTISEAL Kloak) is a two-component system that eliminates water loss in underground sewers and drains.

MULTISEAL Drain: Eliminates water loss in drains and down pipes indoors. MULTISEAL Drain can be used for sealing drains (free or laid down in concrete)  in all materials.

Pool systems (swimming pools)

MULTISEAL POOL: Liquid sealant eliminates water loss in swimming pools. MULTISEAL Pool seals concrete and segmented basins. The seal itself does not appear on the basin.

Solar & Ground heating (ground heating / solar systems)

MULTISEAL F: Liquid Sealing for heating systems with anti freezing fluids. Suitable for solar panel systems and geothermal systems with fluid loss of up to 20L per 24 hours.

MULTISEAL SOF: Heat carrier for solar systems. Frost proof. Contains corrosion inhibitors.

MULTISEAL SOR: Cleaning fluid for Solar Systems.

Corrosion & Cleaning (cleaning fluids / corossion protection)

MULTISEAL HR: Concetrated cleaning fluid for heating systems - it contains different inhibitors which allows it to be used on all heating systems also heating systems with integrated aluminium parts.

MULTISEAL R13: Concentrated cleaning fluid espicially designed for drinking water installations.
MULTISEAL K32: Corrosion protection for all heating systems.
MULTISEAL FS: Corrosion and anti freezing fluid.

Gas systems (gas approved)

MULTISEAL GAS 2000: Liquid sealing for gas systems with threaded joints.

MULTISEAL - sealing liquid

MULTISEAL - sealing liquid